HIPAA Compliance

Facilities Meet Strict Industry Compliance Standards

Lumos Data Centers (formerly DC74) meets the strict control standards set by HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act of 1996. Under the SSAE 16 control standards, we provide premium facility infrastructure, which includes connectivity to network providers, cloud services, colocation and private servers to facilitate the secure processing of health information.

Business Associate Agreements

Lumos Data Centers (formerly DC74) will sign the Business Associate Agreements required to help you with your compliance needs and audits.

Physical Requirements and Security

Lumos Data Centers (formerly DC74) provides advanced security solutions and privatization of your physical infrastructure of colocation and private cloud solutions. By design our solutions help you achieve your compliance objectives more quickly.

Regulatory Security Compliance

Lumos Data Centers (formerly DC74) HIPAA Compliance architecture provides value add security solu-tions designed to meet your ongoing compliance audits more rapidly.

Private Infrastructure

Lumos Data Centers (formerly DC74) HIPAA Compliance services provide completely private infrastructure. Your equipment is physically separated from other tenants to avoid potential data breeches.