DC74 Showcases the Power of Gigabit

DC74 was pleased to host Charlotte’s first GigWOW Experience on Sept. 17. GigWOW attracted over 130 business leaders from across the Piedmont to experience high-speed Internet first hand. Our connection enabled four demo companies to show off their Gigabit apps, and for attendees to try out the speed for themselves. DC74 has the largest number of bandwidth options of any data center in the region, including Hurricane Electric’s only POP in the Carolinas. We specialize in high bandwidth applications and were proud to show off the potential of the Gigabit Economy.

City of Charlotte CIO Jeff Stovall kicked off the session with a keynote address. Jeff said “it’s about having a platform that can change the way you think. It’s about having a platform with the ability to move data with low latency…it’s the ability to capture, process, and analyze data in seconds.” Jeff and his team have taken an active role in supporting a high speed infrastructure in the city.

Next on the agenda was a panel of local business leaders who discussed what a Gigabit Internet infrastructure can mean. Panelists were: Mary Ellen Player – Google Fiber, Valerie Truesdale – CMS, Eric Freedman – Knight School at Queens, and Fred Boucherie – Good Entertainment. The panel discussed how high speed Internet fosters the entrepreneurship ecosystem, aids in extending K-12 student learning time beyond the school day, engages higher education to take advantage of new tools, and transforms the film industry by enabling cloud based processes and IP workflows. DC74 is a big supporter of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Charlotte, and we supply Gigabit Internet to the entrepreneurs at Packard Place and Industry Charlotte.

When bandwidth is no longer the limiting factor, developers have the ability to do more with their applications. To prove that point, the speaker panel was followed with Gigabit App demonstrations by Sparks Ignite, Skookum, T1V, and Cardinal Solutions. T1V wrote a nice review of their GigWOW Experience: read here.

The event concluded with hands-on time for attendees, who ecstatically reported high speed connections on their mobile devices. The crowd included attendees from Salisbury’s Fibrant network, Gaston County, and even the CIO from the City of Greensboro who drove down for the event.

Thanks to all the business leaders who attended GigWOW. If you want to discuss how Gigabit Internet can help your business application, contact us at info@dc74.com.