Monthly Archives: October 2015

What Cloud is Best?

I’ve frequently been asked whether public or private cloud is better, when or if a move from public to private cloud should take place, and how I deal with legacy applications as a part of a move to the cloud. The right answer depends on a client’s specific needs. Of course, that answer is too vague for most people, so I thought I would throw out some of the things that inform my recommendations.

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DC74 hosts CRTEC Meeting: Beyond Brogramming

DC74 was pleased to host the Charlotte Regional Technology Executives Council (CRTEC) meeting in September. Paula Paul was the guest speaker, and her topic was “Beyond Brogramming: Adventures in Diversity, Tech, and Twitter”. A diverse audience of over 40 people

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DC74 Showcases the Power of Gigabit

DC74 was pleased to host Charlotte’s first GigWOW Experience on Sept. 17. GigWOW attracted over 130 business leaders from across the Piedmont to experience high-speed Internet first hand. Our connection enabled four demo companies to show off their Gigabit apps, and for attendees to try out the speed for themselves.

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