Monthly Archives: July 2015

Solving Performance Bottlenecks in the Cloud

Hooray, free performance evaluations! Performance issues can be caused by a lot of different things, manifest themselves in strange ways, and just generally be difficult to diagnose. Not long ago I began to see Service Providers pitching free performance evaluations

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Charlotte Data Center DC74 Provides Gigabit Internet for Hackathon

Upstart data center provider DC74 provided resources (including 1Gbps internet connectivity) for a multi-city hackathon recently at their Charlotte office in conjunction with GigaHacks. Charlotte was one of five cities participating in the event, others included Kansas City, San Francisco, Chattanooga, and Burlington. The event spanned three days and provided participants with a terrific opportunity to experience Gigabit Internet speed first hand.

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DC74 Hosts Entrepreneurship Group from Moldova

The International House is where Charlotte welcomes the world. DC74 was pleased to host a group of entrepreneurial leaders from the country of Moldova as part of the International Visitor Leadership Program. The visitors were interested in DC74’s story as

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