Monthly Archives: August 2010

Intel to Purchase McAfee and its Impact on Colocation

Companies that have thought about leveraging Charlotte, NC collocation services to enhance their businesses were provided with more compelling evidence that their thought patterns are in line with the big players in the market when Intel announced that it is buying McAfee

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Charlotte Collocation Services Are In High Demand

Charlotte, NC collocation service providers, like many other collocation providers across the country, are noticing some unusual changes in the competitive marketplace: nothing.  To better explain it, nothing in terms of: “nothing new being constructed.”  The culprits of this stagnation

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Growth of Mobile Devices Prompts Charlotte, NC Colocation Needs

As an ever-growing amount of company employees embrace the usefulness of smart phones, their employers are beginning to understand the enormous benefits of Charlotte, NC collocation facilities to house their data and/or servers; unleashing a new era in mobile efficiencies. Most business

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